"A company's most important asset isn't product, supply chain systems, or technology. It is creative capital. Simply put, an arsenal of creative thinkers whose ideas can be turned into valuable products and services.  Creative employees pioneer innovation and power economic growth. If you want your company to succeed you must research and choose wisely." 

People Are Your Greatest Asset

How do you choose wisely?

Know what "role specific" skills are fundamental to success.
Apply a realistic assessment of your priorities.
Include culture as a significant consideration.

To ensure your satisfaction all eXenet candidates are profiled and qualified by experienced senior executives. 

To ensure the success of your recruitment process, your team and your methodology must allow for a realistic understanding and assessment of all issues, priorities and company deliberations. These may include -
  • P&L Management
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Demand Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Technology
  • Corporate Construct
  • Lean / Six Sigma
  • Culture

Remember, it is much more important to recruit the right person with the ability to learn and improve, than the wrong person with all the skills.


You must ensure that your process -

Appropriately communicates the skill set and commitment you require.
Accurately promotes your business and the benefits it will provide.
Delivers you candidates and contract personnel with appropriate skills, experience and cultural fit.
Please contact us or call 02.9487.4442 if you feel we can offer advice or assistance.

Effective recruitment is ultimately the lifeblood of every organisation.

Professional Human Resource skills are fundamental to the recruitment process for both permanent and contract personnel. However so too is the ability of experienced management to effectively communicate their requirements and participate in the procurement process. It is a process of delegation not abdication.

Hover over the boxes below to see some examples of key considerations relative to your recruitment process

Supply Chain
Human Resource
General Management

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & Culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • CA or CPA qualified?
  • P&L – control & interpretation
  • Governance, Ethics & Legislation
  • Technology – financial & operational
  • Finance & Accounting Strategy
  • Communication skill & methodology
  • What accounting systems?
Supply Chain

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & Culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Distribution – Transport & Warehousing
  • Supply chain metrics
  • Project management / planning
  • Procurement
  • Productivity – analysis & priorities
  • Technology options & systems
  • Negotiation skills

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & Culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Product knowledge
  • New product development
  • Implementation experience & Skills
  • Product improvement
  • Innovation versus market & competition
  • Competitive advantage
  • Technology based skills

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Sales structure
  • Measurement & management
  • Mentoring & training
  • Product & market knowledge
  • Sales skills & tools
  • Communication & communication technology
  • Goal setting & reporting
  • Networking
  • Problem solving / solution sales
  • Quoting / tendering

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Tertiary qualification
  • Marketing analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Advertising – traditional / digital
  • Editorial options & design
  • Customer demographics & requirements
  • Industry knowledge
  • Presentation skills
  • Budget setting & management
  • Reporting
Human Resource

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Tertiary qualification
  • Organisational design
  • Remuneration & performance management
  • Legislative compliance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Communication & influencing skills
  • Character & skills evaluation
  • Mentoring & training
  • Industrial relations
  • OH&S & risk
  • Negotiation skills
General Management

Key recruitment considerations -

  • Personality & culture
  • Ability to communicate engage & manage
  • Tertiary qualification
  • Organisational design & construct
  • P&L Management
  • Supply chain strategy & execution
  • Legislative compliance
  • Performance evaluation
  • Management of business metrics
  • Mentoring & training
  • Industrial relations
  • OH&S & risk
  • Negotiation skills

If you use Management Recruiters or Executive Recruiters, make sure that they possess a genuine and detailed knowledge and understanding of your business, the role, and required skills.

If you perform an in house recruitment, ensure that your relevant executive managers closely participate in the process and genuinely share responsibility for the result.

Contractor, Consultant or Employee?

Contract personnel enable you to navigate your way through special projects or complement your team in times of need ….. for a day, a week, a month or longer term assignments.

Today’s labour market offers a variety of solutions, and significant benefits can be achieved by an awareness of all options. It is reasonable to assume that the most valuable individual is one employed and managed by you. However there are other considerations…

Should you be paying for expensive qualifications long term?
Can your need be accommodated with a short term assignment?
Do you have a variable requirement?
Can you retain professional services with contract personnel to achieve your objectives?
Your need may be for a -
Executive Temps
Supply Chain professional
Project manager
Lean / Six Sigma process engineer
IT implementation manager
Training & Development manager
Human Resource manager
Distribution Centre Manager

…. or simply an all rounder to get you through a difficult period.  

Please call in for a coffee or request a site visit. Either way we will be grateful for the opportunity to discuss potential solutions.

Profiling & Benchmarking

To complement our commitment to your human resource requirements, we utilise the world’s best practice Expr3ss! profiling and benchmarking technology.
Through a unique, proven online system Expr3ss! quickly matches and pinpoints only those applicants and contract personnel with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit required. It's Australian software, it's web based, in our opinion it's the best recruitment software solution for any business, and it works. We are convinced that our commercial, skills based approach to recruitment, coupled with Expr3ss! capability affords our valued clients the best possible result.

Recruitment services "On Demand"

The recruitment process is complex, time consuming and demanding and today’s managers are involved in more tasks than ever before. Many of these relate to activities that while important, should not take up the time of management resource crucial to corporate plans and objectives.

Whether the requirement is to assist in the recruitment process, avoid delays, or achieve a timely result, eXenet has “on call” personnel to pitch in and help with a wide range of administrative and skilled tasks.

The following individual services are all available to you on an hourly basis……

Writing Adverts
Assessing Applicant Skills
Initial Interviews
Report Writing
Position Descriptions
Reference Checking
Salary Benchmarking

Via our On Demand services, we have been assisting clients for more than a decade as and when required. No job is too small, or too complex and there are no minimum charges. The service is totally flexible and designed to afford you total control of the process for both permanent and contract personnel.

If you’d like further information why not give us a call on 02.9487.4442 or email admin@exenet.com.au

About Us

If you are seeking longevity and industry knowledge, the roots of eXenet extend back to 1977 when our Managing Director Kevin Daly established eXtraman as one of Australia’s original blue collar contract personnel businesses.

As a result of natural progression eXtraman’s activities morphed into many and varied business models always retaining personnel as a core value.

The Directors of eXenet today bring a wealth of commercial and industrial experience and expertise to the company. From Board positions with some of Australia’s largest national and multi national corporate entities, to the start up and continuing success of one of Australia’s most successful third party logistics organisations.

Your Guarantee of Quality and Performance

Our direct operational and management experience in Commerce, Industry, Supply Chain, Technology and Human Resource place us in a unique position to identify, seek out, and contribute to the success of both permanent applicants and contract personnel who can make a real difference in your business. We maintain a significant eXecutive network and draw on a select group of its members operating as an advisory panel to ensure our understanding of both your business requirements, and the essential skills of our personnel.

Recruiter Profiles

Yes we are different!

All eXenet candidates and contract personnel are chosen with great attention to both skills and cultural fit, and every detail is overseen by successful industry professionals. Please view the credentials of our Recruiters below and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Finance & Commerce Andrew Pondekas

Andrew has enjoyed an exceptional career both as a senior financial executive and a commercial advisor to corporations with complex value propositions. He has held senior roles in the corporate sector with organisations such as Brambles, Qantas and QBE Insurance, and of late has used his experience to benefit a range of businesses in the SME arena. 

His advice and counsel is in constant demand when assessing job specifications and required skills, and he is an integral part of eXenet’s operational, strategic, and financial planning.

General Management / Manufacturing / Lean & Six Sigma Ian Chew
Ian has a notable and successful background of achievement in senior management. Prior to joining eXenet he was relocated from the UK to assume responsibility for the Australian operations of David Brown, an internationally recognised global leader in industrial gearing solutions and services. In addition to the generic skills of a senior executive, Ian has acquired high levels of accreditation in Lean and Six Sigma that provide him with excellent credentials as a business strategist and Process Improvement professional. All of these experiences combine to create an exceptionally valuable set of tools with which eXenet can add significant value to the needs of our clients.
Supply Chain / Leadership & Culture Kevin Daly
Kevin has enjoyed a 30 year career in the establishment and operation of successful Logistics and Human Resource businesses and eXenet is his most recent endeavour. eXenet is a company created to provide and benefit from the skills of experienced senior executives from a wide range of industry, commerce and corporate exposure. These executives now form the basis for eXenet’s ability to genuinely understand both the needs of its clients, and the skills of required personnel. Something that translates to an identifiable competitive advantage for our valued clientele.
Executive Management / Corporate Construct Norm Fricker
Norm completed an exceptional executive career in 1999 when he retired from a successful term on the Management Board of Qantas Airways where he played a major role in the restructuring of the company’s supply chain processes following "privatisation" in 1995. Prior to his Qantas engagement Norm spent 24 years in Brambles Industries where he served as an Executive Director with responsibilities for businesses in Australia and Europe. He is a skilled corporate leader and strategist. As a Director of eXenet his primary objective is to establish a business that will allow senior executives to "put back" into business what they have learned during their careers. His guidance and mentoring is an invaluable tool in eXenet’s interpretation of both client and candidate requirements.
Supply Chain / Company Performance Neil Gregory
As a senior executive Neil has a highly successful track record of identifying areas of improvement, establishing required construct, process and discipline, and driving successfully for greatly improved profit and performance. His ability to identify meaningful supply chain and commercial initiatives and oversee their implementation has paved the way for many clients to achieve significant competitive advantage. And for eXenet this translates into an excellent ability to interpret and understand what is required and recruit appropriate contract and permanent personnel.
Human Resource / Leadership & Culture John Gibney
John is our "go to" man for assessment and profiling of executive roles. He is an organisational consultant, researcher, and psychotherapist who has worked on leadership, research, joint venture and strategic development programs in the USA, China, PNG, Indonesia, Singapore, UK and Europe. During this time he achieved outstanding success in taking his clinical, cross-cultural and organisational experience into the workplace of major Banking, Mining, Insurance, IT, Telecom, Supply Chain and Manufacturing organisations. He is possibly our most important link in ensuring an applicants suitability and our clients’ satisfaction.
Remuneration / Reward / Governance Jeff Smith
Jeff has enjoyed a successful major corporate career in producing commercial and practical HR Reward solutions to a significant range of companies in various industries, including financial services, energy, industrials and property groups.
Examples include the QBE Australia annual remuneration review with a budget of approx $65m, detailed gender pay equity analysis, reporting and corrective action plans at Caltex, Leighton Contractors and QBE, to specific benchmarking and management of 65 key executives at Westpac. He provides valuable oversight to eXenet’s recruitment, contracting, and consulting services.
Health Greg Bezuidenhout
Greg has enjoyed a significantly successful career, both as a senior corporate executive with Siemens, where he rose to the position of Divisional Managing Director, and more recently as an expert advisor to the Health sector, where he has been involved at the forefront of major initiatives. These include the new Macquarie teaching hospital, the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, and the current planning and construction of the state’s most recent hospital addition at Frenchs Forest in Sydney’s north. Together with his Senior Executive experience, Greg brings a genuine understanding of the requirements of the Health Sector to eXenet’s Human Resource capability.
Recruitment / Profiling / Contract Personnel Services Gayle McGovern
Gayle has enjoyed success in a wide range of service orientated businesses and is a highly valued member of our executive team. She is a skilled recruiter, and her superior ability to manage and manipulate eXenet’s Expr3ss! personal profiling system means that she is constantly in demand when staff are assessing individual skills, qualities, and abilities to contribute. She is also the author of eXenet’s HR on Demand service, and maintains constant watch to ensure its quality and effectiveness.


What we look for in a supplier is an ability to be a true partner in assisting us to achieve our objectives. eXenet permanent and contract personnel have always been of the highest calibre and the broad range of assistance on offer continues to be a valuable asset to Royal Wolf
—Bob Allan, Managing Director, Royal Wolf, Sydney
eXenet understands our business and knows what we are looking for. Put simply, they find results-orientated permanent and contract personnel who want the same things we do. That's why we value them.
—Kieren Neill , National Operations Manager, Harris Refrigerated Logistics
When the need arises eXenet has always been there for us with sound practical valuable advice and personnel.
—Nandy Nanthivarman, Director, AirRoad Distribution
eXenet's methodology resulted in exceptional benefits and created a rewarding relationship with our primary logistics service provider.
—John Winstanley, former CEO, Australian Wine Society
eXenet contract personnel designed and delivered a customised process combining leadership development, strategic planning, problem solving, action learning, and individual coaching. This produced excellent results and we extended the program for a second year incorporating additional elements around organisational culture and coaching for change.
—Barry Mayo, former CEO of Harvey World Travel
eXenet has always delivered excellent people to our business, whether technical, accounting or sales related. I am constantly surprised by the eXenet quality of service and the time taken to understand our business and company culture. With eXenet we know we will get the right result every time.
—Carl Sachs, Managing Director, Workplace Access & Safety, Melbourne

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